• benefits of babybeats

    "Happiness is created between baby and parent as babies express their joy, and parents' warm reactions generate a loving glow."

    Benefits to Baby

    Exercises for Baby are aimed at supporting each baby's natural development.

    • We encourage movement and positive loving touch with integrated sensory experiences that enhance expressive interaction with their parents. 
    • We motivate mothers to handle their baby in a way that is natural to them, enjoyable and aids every stage of development. 
    • Movements, play, songs and actions are introduced to babies as young as 6 weeks old - these can help common baby ailments such as colic and trapped wind. 
    •  Our unique sequences can help babies develop a deep sense of being loved and enhance the bond between mum and baby. 
    •  Baby classes such as BabyBeats can improve body and mind awareness, help co-ordination and regulate and strengthen baby’s digestive system. 
    •  We use a blend of movement combinations to stimulate circulatory and nervous systems as well as help reduce fussiness and support each baby’s development.

    Benefits to Mothers

    Exercises for Mums are aimed at strengthening and supporting the post-natal body.

    • As qualified Health and Fitness teachers, midwives, personal trainers and health visitors we make sure that each exercise is appropriate and safe for new mums. 
    • Exercising whilst having a baby can be tricky with childcare, sleep deprivation, lack of time and all those other things you need to do!
    • BabyBeats will help mothers and their baby to enjoy moving together. 
    • We focus on pelvic stability, core strength and re-aligning muscles post pregnancy. 
    • BabyBeats incorporates Yoga poses, Pilates core strength exercises, gentle squats and many more. 
    • No pre-exercise experience is required just the willingness to get involved, all these exercises support a mothers fitness after pregnancy and birth.
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    For October 2018 ONLY book your place and pay just £599... thats £300 reduction!

    2 classes in 1 course

    Learn BabyBeats AND BabyBeats PLUS all in our 2 day course!


    We are developing our curriculum to add more courses in the coming months such as BabyBeats Dads, BabyBeats Breathing through Birth and many more.​

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  • becoming a babybeats teacher

    Why train with us?

    BabyBeats is a new, innovative course designed to bring the latest and most suitable exercise programme to help mothers and babies during the early months of bonding and development. It has been devised to help improve and build on your existing abilities and knowledge. With our 2 day course, you can learn the skills to deliver safe and effective Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Sensory Play and Post-natal exercises.

    Our course will provide you with a full support package together with the knowledge and tools in order for you to promote your own successful business.

    Is BabyBeats an Approved Course?

    Our BabyBeats Teacher Training Programme has been approved by Active IQ and CThA. We use the latest research available to ensure that we continue to provide the most studied and comprehensive training. The founders of BabyBeats have practiced Post Natal Fitness, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Sensory Play with their own children for many years and continue to be advocates of the BabyBeats programme.

    What qualifications do I need to become a BabyBeats Teacher?

    The minimum requirement is a Level 2. This can be part of a degree, Pilates, Fitness Training or other. If you are unsure if you hold the required qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact us - we have a varied level of experience ranging from Yoga teachers to Midwives.

    What equipment do I need when I've booked onto a course?

    All you need to attend the course is yourself and a suitable demonstration doll. Toy dolls can be too light and small, so weighted baby massage dolls are the preferred option.

    How long after taking the course can I get started?

    Once all aspects of the course are completed you can begin teaching. All teachers become BabyBeats members which includes your own authorised BabyBeats website, your classes linked via the main BabyBeats site, online payment and booking system so your class members join online, plus written and marketing resources. Our monthly membership includes all this for just £20 per month.

    Do I have to pay the course fees up front?

    You can either pay your course fee at the time of booking or opt for our deposit pay scheme. You can leave a non refundable deposit of £200 and pay the remaining balance monthly before the course commences. Please note the full balance must be paid 28 days before your course commences.

  • Read our reviews....

    "I went to my first class with my almost 4 month old, Oscar. We had a great time. I found it hard to understand what Babybeats was completely before actually going to a class. The best way to explain it is a very very baby friendly exercise class for post-natal fitness and core strength, with some baby yoga, baby massage, baby sensory, nursery rhymes thrown in to help entertain baby. There are no dangerous baby wearing things to worry about (this is a massive worry to me, even though I am a regular babywearer). Baby is either on mats or in your arms as part of the exercise. You exercise WITH baby together. This is quite unique to Babybeats. I loved this bonding time with my baby and we both enjoyed it. We had time to look into Each other’s eyes, smile, laugh, kiss, touch, and sing. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a post-natal fitness class where your baby is not just welcome, but an important part of the class. My legs are aching and I feel fantastic! I know that I will build strength and muscle and tone my core in this class whilst building my bond and love with my baby."

    Natalie Hicks attended Charlotte BabyBeats, Chorley

Cancellation of Booking
Places on BabyBeats courses are limited and we often have waiting lists. We therefore ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel a booking.

If you have to cancel a place and find a suitable replacement, there will be no charge. 

Cancellation charges depend on when we receive your written cancellation notice. 

30 or more days before the course start date - we will refund all course fees minus your deposit and an administration charge of £5.00 

29 days - 15 days before the course start date - 50% of course fees will be refunded minus your deposit and administration charge of £5.00

14 days or fewer - no refund will be made

'No shows' and non attendance - no refund will be made

On your course you will be asked to fill out a short PAR - Q medial form this is compulsory to attend the class. 

On successful completion of BabyBeats course full Terms and Conditions of teaching are stated on the reverse of your certificate. On acceptance of this certification you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated. Cancellation of BabyBeats licence requires written notification and 3 months fees will be due from the date of notification.
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